I entered in again

I am so very aware of a lot of things happening, its like living in one world and being very aware of his.

To enter in again and be aware of them coming down for me, remember the Casper movie when they were coming down and the sound of blades that is what I was aware of. Made me laugh but oh so humble, to be made feel that special. Being given that privilege is wonderful and no money can buy it. So I added to my list to make sure nothing is missed out on. Things have to change, that is my goal, faith is key to receive you have to believe.

And on Friday the girls turned up for a visit, so funny one of them bought 3 garments for me, something to wear soon. And we went and saw the movie Sully, when all seemed against him. He asked the relevant question, what about human error. Time was the key here, so easy to trust a computer, but sometimes the human factor has to prevail.

Tid bit, I was watching a show the other day and I was really interested. I didn’t know that if a sun flare is big enough it will cut out all computers, think about it, transport, trains, planes and all we use will stop. Makes you think we rely a little too much, do we know how to fly a plane like Sully if this happens.

Are you concerned about your computer, that is the knowledge of God’s word. We cannot keep relying on some other form to give us power, we have to seek it the old fashioned way. READ and pray all by ourselves….


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