Ooh almost forgot to tell you

Last year when Halloween came around I had a what the moment. Which you can read back on.

My new word is conniption, telling kids its ok to knock on strangers doors and get lollies, is just plain dumb.

Anyway this year I was laying on the couch and all of a sudden the Lord pressed upon me to take authority.

So out the back I went (this was about 10pm) I said in a very loud voice; “In the name of JESUS, I take authority, from the North to the South and the East to the West, from midnight tonight till midnight tomorrow night the authority is mine in my father’s name”. Bazinga take that devil, I thought yahoo at the time.

As I was doing so, I pointed in the direction in which I was speaking, and I have to say is totally quiet.

Quiet, what do I mean, no kids walking down my street, no feeling of weight in the spirit. It was clear and free, Jesus was in charge of it all.

All I did was act when prompted, the feeling of clear air was magnificent.

My new neighbours can either move or live with it, but my father will have what he requires that is me.

As I always say he does great work, for those whom are willing to act.


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