I feel so blessed that I am strong enough not to cave….

Yes, more and more I am seeing the awesome strength my father has put inside of me.

It is for his benefit, I wish you could know how much your loved by him.

Like any parent, you love your children with everything you have. Then you get to a point and you must let them live there life the way they wish to choose. You can only direct them and hope that when they stumble, they learn and back up.

And one day surrender into what they are destined to do and be the best person that they are meant to be. If my children ever read this, it may shock them, why? because I don’t think they have ever really got to know my heart. Yes I have tried to share, but when your young you don’t really want to hear it.

But I sit here knowing that I love them, I pray that they one day will experience my father and that will be it for them. Then they will now how much they are loved, really what I am doing know is laying the ground work for them and there children.

Because what I do now will affect them, I live for my father but they are always in my heart. Whatever choices they may be choosing now, part of my heart is always with them.

That is why when I surrendered to my father, I knew my children would be safe. I can trust him with there lives and with this as I have said before I have been tested. But I am strong enough not to cave because, trusting in my father who knew there end from the beginning is all I need to do.


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