Pressured then pray

I have been learning a lot in the last few weeks and with that comes a lot of pressure.

So what do I do, I pray. I press into the Lord for assistance to help me with what I need. Sometimes like you (I am sure) I feel totally overwhelmed and think I am seriously goanna fall over. But all I keep thinking of is, with the Lord (my father) I can do anything.

Yes its never easy to choose his way and you cannot play around, I know that more than any other. When I first came into the church I thought I could mould into the background, but you see the little church I attend, has such great power and the Lord is speaking loud and clear.

I cannot hide and that is the best thing, I have to take him seriously and take the message and use it. I can’t just go about my week and think yep, now I will go to church for the social outing.

Nope it isn’t like that, for me its Sunday is the day we come together but the other days of the week, I have to push into where I am meant to be.

As I have said  before he waited for me all those years, to stop being immature, a sook and waited for me to grow up. To surrender and know that I am his daughter, I cannot explain it any other way.

I was telling someone the other night about my testimony, what I experienced and knew that one day, my life would change. If I am asked a question then I have to answer, I will not lie (that’s the worlds way) if they don’t want to hear. Let them walk away, but what I realized one day is really when you know he made heaven and earth, there is really nowhere to run.

He knew you, so he sees your thoughts your heart, just give up. It’s all good after that.


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