When the going gets tough

I am so very thankful, the enemy has tried to finish me off many times and failed.

What did it do inside deep deep down, it trained me. So when it gets tough, I hunker down and hang on.

I will not step back, I will take each movement closer to him, even if I have to crawl.

Why, because when you know him like I do and know what his word can do.

You get tough, and when the going gets tough, this tough cookie gets going..

It might seem cliche, but its up to you. You can either continue to be a victim of the enemy or flip it and become a survivor.

Who can then use what has been, for those to come across your path. To show by evidential proof that he is real, that by doing what the word says, they can also be survivors, using what has been for good.

To make those in the world know that when they think we may be foolish, we have become wise beyond reasoning.

Be blessed, suns out I am off yahoo.


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