The old way, sometimes is the only way.

More and more the younger generation, think they know it all.

But we have not taught them, what history has come before. And so they go off, thinking they know, but most of the time. It all seems like just a fiction novel and not at all real.

So, go back, bring forth his word, the awful history that he, not only had to go through for us.

But wars and all the bad hidden things, we need to remember and know the suffering. To be humble and move forward with all the knowledge, so we don’t repeat it again.

I use to think at times, I got it more than others, then he corrected me, honour has to be advised. You must go under authority, because even when something may seem fool proof, the enemy can use it.

I think it this way, before it happens, he dangles the lollies before your eyes. To see YOU take the bait, but hold back, for the true father has the whole shop for you and much much more….


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