Acceptance, not the illusion

I watched two shows that I wish I could yell from the roof tops.

One was Todd Sampson, Mirror Mirror the other What Australia thinks about obesity.

Now the truth is, I have been size 10 and was not happy. (Treated like meat, when all I wanted was the value of my mind)

I have been size 24 and not happy. (Because I am constantly looked down upon to not be good enough)

Why, because the world tells me so…

BUT, the world is not correct as I see it, social media tells us, we must be sexy, or a certain way too, have value.

REALLY, I go by this, if I am well, then that is a positive, if my blood work is better than a runner or gym junkie, then another positive.

IF the world, does NOT VALUE ME, then that is the problem of the world.

I have lived and I had value at size 10, but could not see it, because it was all about my looks.

I have lived as a size 24 and become invisible, why, because the world had been conformed to not recognise me, as value. And eaten when others have made me feel of a lesser value, your body will fit the weight it is suppose to be, when your well.

And world, my father VALUES ME.

My father, loves my stretch marks, my operation marks, my cellulite and all other lumps and bumps, because HE SEES MY REAL VALUE as a whole.

He sees my mind, my heart, my soul and all and any faults and loves ALL OF ME.

So, if you feel like your not enough, yell and say this, I am worthy, I am of value and I am loved…

It really is that simple


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