I am dumb founded when people…

Watching the show, how people were set up to comment on the obese to get others reactions.

IT MADE ME FEEL SICK, why do others conform to think that is OK, to make others feel small. And then join the other idiots, in a laugh or giggle, I mean really, who are these people.

If someone is out and getting some sun, it is not about how they look, it is about there heart and making sure they are OK.

If I was there on that beach and other individuals had been talking smack, I would have set them straight.

A person is of value, if the father thinks it, then what is wrong with us.

I always come back to this statement, who made you Judge, jury and executioner and instead of joining the gang, like in school, grow a brain and a heart and be the change.

Stand up for the right, to not only stop the course, but be bold enough to show a new one.

IT has nothing to do with, how good I may think I am, that does not rate in any way.

IT is about empathy and heart, love and honour.


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