How wonderful is the father

Many times these past few weeks, have I thought to myself, how wonderful he is.

How wonderfully protected I feel, because of how I feel his love.

Sometimes, I stop and think of several different areas, how the world runs around, grasping at straws to try and stay ahead of the game.

But, what game? Why are you constantly running, why are you not smart enough to know and trust the truth, the truth that I know, that God is real, Jesus died for me and is returning.

I was chatting to my doctor the other day, I went over how miracles have taken place and how the enemy has tried to take me out, seeing it now from a person who is, my own witness to these miracles.

I reminded him of my bulging disc, the result and how I cried out to the father, how the next scan showed no evidence of it, his reaction and the mass, how certain things have evaporated into thin air.

All I keep thinking is this, if the enemy is trying so hard to stop me, then when I get weary, all I have to think of is flipping my mind set, if he is trying so hard, then what he read of my book, MUST BE GREAT. Then I put myself in the trust and knowledge of this, what ever the father has in store for me to do. Is not mine to own, but joy in the fact he can use me, and know that I will do it, willingly.

This is a place I keep wanting the world to come too, a place of peace, a place of knowing who he is. It is not about glory, or fame, its about LOVE, in its purest form.

So, take the time to tell him, tell him you love him, that you trust him and be at peace.

Pray in the spirit and find joy in your life, because most of the time, when your not paying attention, your missing it…


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