How trusting his word works…

Recently, I had to have my car serviced and a sensor replaced.

Now it took all I had spare to cover the cost, I refused to buy food that was not required. I would pay for it, I get so driven to succeed, you have no idea.

So part one service, done and paid. A week later, getting the part, done and paid.

Now I had enough food for about 4 days, but would not get me to Tuesday.

I sat quiet and said Lord, you will take care of my needs, you know how stuck I am. I have no one but you, no credit card.

So I am trusting you to supply, I went back to work and got on with it.

Next minute someone I knew, pulled up to my front door and dropped off a box of food, Hello fresh meals. The lord knew my allergies and what I could have and not have.

That food made it past Tuesday and I told the person, I felt so loved, so blessed and knew, if you trust what his word says, he will never fail you.

EVER praise to the father God and lord Jesus


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