Australia Day

On the news recently its been said that some council want the day moved and its a reminder of a stolen nation.

Now wait a minute, for one thing if we are not reminded of history. Then we will make the same mistake again, history or your past is for you to learn from and move forward.

And seriously, you have homeless people, starving families and roads etc need attention. Get to work and leave it alone, what has been done has just that BEEN.

I am trying to figure out if I am part indigenous, even if I am, I feel strongly that you earn what you get. I know from experience if you rehash the past and become bitter and angry, you get no where.

So I say, bring on the day, lets celebrate how far we have come. Lets see the beauty of this country and that poem comes to mind which sums up how I feel about THE land that God has in his hands.

I love a sunburnt country – a land of sweeping plains – of rugged mountain ranges – of drought and flooding rain – I love her far horizons – I love her jewel seas – her beauty and her terror – THE WIDE BROWN LAND FOR ME

We are blessed to be here at this time, the time before his return, so go out and be blessed and smile for goodness sake. Be grateful for what you have, not what you don’t.


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