OMG, I do not understand why??

I believe before you can comment, you have to give things a chance (this does not cover sex, drugs or alcohol).

I watched 2 weeks work of Keeping up with the Kardashians, I wanted to know what the heck was so interesting.

Answer, NOTHING, last night Kim totally disrespected her mothers house and her mother said, nothing.

Seriously, the show even gave me nightmares. Seems a bit extreme, but really I had to pray, that the world finds them no longer of interest and that someone with Godly values turns them from the disaster they are heading for.

I am aware of things that many are not, but they are heading down hill and it frightened me. If they only knew the truth, Lord for the sake of the children, give them a chance to turn to you.

Enough its making my spirit feel sick, very aware of the enemy over their lives.



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