If you don’t ask, you don’t receive…

Now I have said this before, but I believe in him, so I asked.

Its funny, but I waited to see how hot it was going to be on new years eve. Then I txt everyone to ask them around for a barbecue.

I wanted to invite the Lord and others, so I prepared. Luckily I was trained how to make things happen, and with little effort. I make mental plans and once happy then I go for it.

My Pastor said to me, “what do you believe for in the new year” my answer was meant as a funny but I said, “my husband and to be wealthy”.

He gave me a little note to thank me and in it, were the words, for the giver will be made rich.

Hey, I will take that, when I think of how blessed I am by the father, I feel like a zillionaire, so why shouldn’t it be so… It does not matter how much money I have, I love finding a bargain, I love the hunt to find just what I want. I do not like to pay full price and I do not like labels, so the interest would grow.

I believe this will happen, for the thief be found he MUST restore 7 fold…


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