When you get shown, what is coming

These past few weeks, he has granted things to me, that I cannot speak of.

But mark my words, CHANGE IS COMING.

I am stepping into an arena of something, beyond this world. Hang on lets get it right, into his world, stepping into a way of transformation.

Oooh, just got that, I have seen a time coming, when I speak, but its him speaking through me and its like on Bruce Almighty when he parted the cars, nothing will stand in the way, NOTHING.

I think those who have a gripe against me, in my worldly family should be warned. Because my father is jealous of me and will not take it anymore, their life will be in peril and this is a warning.

I have handed all the pain and hurt to him, I know from experience when peoples cars are damaged etc, if you have an issue, deal with it, for he will not stand for it.

But lets get onto more positive things, I know things, I know more than I let on and he knows he can trust me. But I am excited, because I will be a sign and a wonder on his behalf.

I have met many people and one that stands out, and said to me, how many people say that they are Christians but show NO FAITH, but that I, have it, all over and I walk in it.

Sometimes when people who have not seen before and meet me, change takes place, because I believe point blank.

I have stepped into places and seen the word GRANTED stamped on paperwork from heaven.

Nothing can be withheld if you know, what standing you have in him and humble yourself with its knowledge.


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