How things are used…

Recently I was contacted for my operation slot, went to the doctor, told I had another infection. So went on antibiotics, slot lost.

When I went back, as I was told to get other tests, then send to them to open another slot.

Tests came back, I did not have an infection at all, but the pain, oy something was going on.

I sat here paying a bill and cleaning my email address and the thought came to me, how the enemy puts road blocks in the way.

So, because of this I will be fired up, to get into the next one. And what got me was this, as I sat in the doctors I started talking to a lady.

Funny thing is, she looked a lot like the lady, who recently passed. Then she tells me she is Scottish, omg if she only knew.

Now, she was telling me how she also has heard the fathers voice, then the next breath about how she is also seeing ghosts. OMG, talk about being there for her, not me.

Anyway, I took action, I told her about things I had experienced and how the enemy can use anything to try and get us of course.

She said, “but they are only little children”, I told her the enemy will use any form and do not be lied too, by your eyes, but be lead by the father.

It was longer than that, but boy, did things change. I would not let her leave without, firing back and warning her of the enemy, I told her to evict him and tell him to leave.

So great and all I kept thinking was, appointed time, the father uses me, because he has granted me a boldness, and I will not let him down.


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