I believe, therefore

I do believe, so I also am waiting to receive…

Why do I make this statement, because something is coming, something big.

I know I am rich in spirit and truth, when that is what you have, its awesome. But, I keep thinking, he also wishes to bless us in another way.

Now, most would not even go there, but I am, why because I know how much he loves me. And I believe, I am set enough, to not become stupid or full of myself, but as I sit here typing, I am very aware, I would get rid of anything in my way, whether that be finances or something else.

My value of that relationship with my father, is worth more than money or riches and I keep saying it, people with money get stupid, I was watching something late last night, a lady stated. That “some women have class and some just have money” and wanted them harmed, because something didn’t go her way.

I could see, only through her eyes, did she think she was above them, when to me, she was lower. It often shocks me, how small a persons view can be, when wealth blinds them.

Sometimes I watch things and think, they may be older, but they are not any wiser.

I believe, in many ways, things are put in front of you, as a sign from the father. I was thinking yesterday as I took a chance to go out, with my achy stomach and the car park, in front of me was a trolley with a piece of paper that just had, BB.

What does this mean, I always wanted to start a small niche business. Why niche, because when you get too big, your chasing money and you loose your way.

So my idea, was Bronie’s Bakes, for I have a way of making something simple, given an edge that fills you with love as you eat it. What makes me laugh is most things if not all, I never eat, allergies oy.

Anyway, that BB was only significant to me, I know what I would do, make them and distribute to chosen places, no shop front, but a little kitchen room in my backyard. Then I think about my knees and back, but with help, I think it could be done.

You see many places to grab a bite, but they are all the same, I don’t get it. But I know what they need, because, people need to feel the love from food, because people in the world are starving for his nourishment, and praying over each bake, would I believe bring change.

So soups, biscuits, cakes, meals, could be a simple thing, that creates great change…


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