The Queen and death

Something that I have been asking about and have been enlightened on.

Reporters keep saying she can finally rest and be with Phillip for eternity… you go to work for your family here, there is not rest, but there is eternal LIFE.

NOPE, not happening, when you marry, it stipulates, 1/ till death, us do part.

Then I went searching, I will not post detail, but when a man chooses to join a group, sometimes it provides you with your end game.

That is as close as I will come to that, but in no way, is he with her, nope, nadda, she may have wished that he join her and be placed in that spot with her parents and sister. But that is just a body, the spirit is another thing, you must choose the one and only, not idols, it tells you so in the Bible.

It is like when I grew up, I could not in anyway, Idolize a actor, player etc, because something in me, said hold on, do not entertain another spirit that is not of God, so I didn’t.

The queen is just Elizabeth now, like everyone else in heaven, her earthly position is no longer of importance, but her standard and what she stood for in faith is.

In the 1980’s my mum and I were discussing the family, why we should acknowledge them, and how important is a head of state, when it comes to wars etc. My mum knew I would say things that I did not personally know, but it was like wisdom speaking.

I said to her, “the queen will make it to, almost 100, Charles will be in for a very short time and George will be the last” now if you go back on a timeline, William was not born yet, no hint of George at all, but with everything in me I knew, the words I had spoken to be true. Because the Royals think as one had said before, “we are suppose to be respected” sorry wrong, you earn respect, you don’t just get given it, because of your status.

Another is, there is one KING and the ones we have are playing with fire. He, Jesus must be acknowledged above all others. And that is all I have to say on that….

Be blessed

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