Oh Lord that word again… Meekness

My father is trying so hard to teach this to me. Lord keep going do not give up on me.

I know I should have patience with those around me, but hooley dooley.

I use to jump down peoples necks when I finally found my voice. I use to get so upset at them, because to me their life was so easy, compared to what I had gone through.

One thing I absolutely hate doing is wasting time, I am yet to get over this hurdle. I have to let people jump over their own, and let it be. I am not the judge or executioner, if they don’t get it. I have to remember that is up to them, they will have no one else to blame on judgement day.

I am realizing this is what Jesus and my Pastors must feel like, they keep trying to fill us in, but some it goes in one ear and out the other.

One thing I am very strong about is honour, honour your word. Honour your time and honour most of all the Lord.

Pray for me if you please, need help with meekness but determined to get it.


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