What is hidden, WILL be brought to the light

These last few weeks has highlighted what needs correcting in me.

One is procrastination, yes I have had to deal with this one. If it’s for someone else, I will do it immediately. If it’s for me, then I leave it.

The lord has highlighted to me that, I must do it immediately, I am important and must move when I am told. And I have said before, I have to learn the lessons just like everyone else.

Another one that not many people knew, was I didn’t think I was good enough. Now I know I am, but I have to believe it, there is a difference.

I felt a burden, that I caused the father pain, that he took my sin and illnesses on his body. when he was nailed to the cross.

The pain I have been feeling and the remorse has been overwhelming, but I know there is a reason for this. Last night, I cried out to him and said, how sorry I was for the pain I caused. I never want to hurt anyone, especially him. But as he always says to me there is a time and a season.

I realized that I was also including, what I had been trained to do, doubt myself. I was always told I was never any good, worthless you know the drill. So thinking like the Lord, I know he has chosen me, but I did not feel worthy.

So after a discussion (with a trusted friend), it has dawned on me that he sees ME. He knows me and believes in me, so I believe the father. Remove the old way of thinking and take on the new.

I am processing this and part of the reason for this blog is for me to read what I have written, it helps me to digest the keys and helps to down load this in my data base.

I am a work in progress, the key here is there is progress.


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