Giving, are you a giver or a taker

I have found in life there are people who give to it and bring life and there are other that take away.

I love to give, whether it be of me, my time or something I may have. I love the feeling I get knowing I have done something that would please the Lord.

I have learnt that I must be wary of those who would take when they have not right too.

This comes with wisdom and time, I learnt once if you are getting angry or impatient, count 1, 2, 3 then 4 take a deep breath and expel it. In that time frame you give yourself time to reflex and wisdom does come (it works for me).

I read something that made me think: The Art of Giving.

The endless generosity, that brightly shines in you, brings a special quality, to everything you do.

You help and you inspire, with the love that you impart, you give your time and patience, and you share what’s in your heart.

Your kind and selfless nature, brings so many people pleasure, to know you is a privilege, that I will always treasure.

I never thought, about what people thought, of anything that I was doing, I only know that I want to give.

The real gift to me, is in the giving. But to have this little message handed to me, says more than I can share, all I know is it shows me, that what I am trying to do, (what my father wants) and how Jesus would act and react as if he was here with me. It’s awesome because I feel like it’s reminding me regardless of what people may say negatively, the good out ways this far more.

I don’t want to inspire personally, but I want my father to shine through me. I want him to have the glory, he is the one and only. I am just willing for him to use me as he sees fit, he loves me more than anyone ever could.

And I trust him with that.



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