The recipe, called life

I was thinking about life and recipes and thinking how similar than can be.

I have a recipe that I call death by chocolate, it is a rich mouse cake that ticks all boxes when I make it. You only need a small amount to be satisfied, it looks amazing and is talked about long after it is gone.

What I was thinking is when I make it I have to get all three parts set up, I have to beat the egg mix separately until creamy, I have to also have the cream just brought together (as if its has started to whip). I then have to melt the chocolate, slowly and with all the attention I can give it.

Then I work the chocolate into the egg mixture, this has to be timed by the heat left in the chocolate. Then I add it to the cream, pouring it in, in a steady stream until it comes together. Which happens rather quickly, then I place it in a spring formed tin with a chocolate ripple biscuit base.

Now I have just not cared and thrown it in, with disastrous results. Not worth the time I took to buy the ingredients.

It’s like my life, if I hadn’t taken one step at a time, learnt my lessons well. And taken from what I have learnt to build that cake. Then where would I be?

If I hadn’t put my father in charge of mixing me and putting me together the right way. Then my life would have been a waste.

I am not going to let my time here be wasted, I am going to do what I have to do and learn every lesson. To grow as a living vessel.

That is what I came up with, to me it makes perfect sense.


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