Last night I received

Last night was so wonderful, the night before I was praying for others then I started asking the Lord for answers to my prayers.

Well, I got them, yahoo, happy dance time. Someone was honouring the lord and spoke the words to me, a prophecy.

I loved it when the Lord said, ‘I will know myself as his daughter’, I was so very touched.

Then when the comment about touching his feet, that was in my prayer. The power of these words have not missed the mark.

I am about to go off like a fire cracker, I can feel the build up. Oh Lord this is going to be history making.

The Lord is showing himself more and more and I cannot be more happy, it is long overdue in my book.

Its time people knew that he is the only one to depend on, its like building something to withstand an earthquake. If the Lord wants to move it, then no preparation will make it stand any longer.

My father is going to show himself and people are going to finally be able to see, I pray that anyone who asks that my father gives them 1 chance to follow before they go. This is serious stuff in my book, I am not a wacked out Christian.

I AM my father’s daughter, I cannot be put into a box or be explained by one word. I am extraordinary, unique and marvellous, because I am HIS.

So again Lord, thank you and I love you father. As I always say, the man does Great Work!


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