When are you going to hit the wall?

Last night something came out, that I always say, enough is enough.

You know when you can’t do what ever any more and you just have had it.

Well when this happens to me, I say to the father, “enough is enough”. It’s the place inside of you where you hit the wall and have to turn around fighting. (Great example, when an animal is cornered, it will fight for its life)

There is no other way, I usually get so fed up with what I know the devil is trying to do. I go into sheer stubborn determination.

What I got out of last night was, that I DO NOT have to wait until then. I can say it any time along the way, but I have, to have, the determination to break it and break through.

As I said, “when are you going to hit your wall”. I would rather take it on, when I know what it is, than drag out the pain, annoyance and have great pleasure in smacking the devil OUT.


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