Prayers to be heard….. this is mine


I ask in the name of Jesus for healing to this body.

That it will be like night and day.

Transformation from infirmities, now in the name of Jesus.

Father you word says I can have what I say, I choose healing now in your name.

You took this on the cross and it says in your word, your word never lies.

So father I am reminding you what you said to me that day, You would look after me.

Father I am reminding you of your word, I make a demand on you as a child that I no longer have pain or sickness. I demand from you today in your name, I am your daughter and as my father I expect this of you.

So father heal this body, so I can go out into the nations in your name.

I will begin to see consistent healing from today onwards as I consistently pray in your name 30 mins each day, this is my contract to you that I will do my part.

Father you said it, so I believe it. I cry out now in your name for this to be fulfilled.

My pray is, I want the world to see your miracles father, show them the way.


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