Guess what, this proves it

Last night the speaker repeated those things that I have been posting about.

One point was your book in heaven, the book written about you. The one that has your destiny in it, and something I learned last night that I did not know.

If you haven’t been prophesied over lately, its because your book is not open. Now the word proves this, you need to be determined to have that book opened and for the pages to be fulfilled.

I don’t know about you but I want it, more than anything else. I want to finish what my father wrote about me.

For my beginning as a child, the wrong course my life went, remember he said to me, and what I always said to myself as a little girl, my life was not suppose to be that way. I was meant for great things, and I am not afraid, yes people doubt him and me.

But guess what, love covers all, the world teaches you not to trust, to doubt and the enemy tries to instil this in you.

But arise and shine for your light has come, that’s from dad. I am excited and ready, lets go….


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