Believe in Miracles

I believe therefore I receive, now his word says it and I do believe it with all my heart.

Last night I went to our church meeting, after worship someone asked who wants a miracle. I didn’t hesitate to say I do, my neck was at the point I wanted someone to remove it.

So they said Lord, she wants a miracle, I kept saying, come on holy spirit, please over and over and guess what.

My whiplash has gone, not here its vacated the premises. I slept like a baby and as I have sat for 4 hrs at the computer, no pain.

Why did this happen, because I did not doubt what my father could do. I have been getting ready, reading Kathryn Kuhlman (I believe in Miracles) and I asked the Lord to grant me one.

Now I am determined to have everything healed, I want the world to see what my father can do.

Asthma, gone, Whiplash gone tick tick tick. Now the rest of the list Holy Spirit, go for it father I give you free rein.


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