How well do you know

It is the question of the day, how well do you know him. How well do you know me, for I don’t want me anymore, I want all of him working within me.

Lets think about this, sometimes I may seem on another planet, but joyful. Well I know the journey is hard (trust me when I say, I know), sometimes we don’t get the sandy beach or holiday paid for. But boy is the story you have to tell at the end, worth it. Think about it this way, you get up in the morning, sometimes having a plan, but you trust things will run smoothly. You go about your day and things just happen, its called LIFE.

And its your life, you have this amazing story to tell. You think to yourself at times, if I only knew.

Well, dad does, your life has been written out, to turn out beyond anything you could think of, or wish for. Problem is the devil also read your book, so he wants to stop you.

Are you with me, trust in dad, nothing can stop you, just move one foot in front of the other.

Don’t look back, don’t try to make sense of things, just trust our dad. Make the confession that nothing will stop you, and find joy even in the midst of a storm. For he is shaping you and moulding you, “for greater things I have for you”.


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