What an amazing thing…

I am amazed more and more… why you ask, because things are coming to a head.

Change is here, its happening now and if your not with it or listening then your going to miss the boat.

We are always taught if you yell loud enough, someone will hear you. Well I am here to say he is working softly, but I can not only hear but feel him. He is with me right now, as to why I am posting again.

My dad is ever present and I feel so humbly blessed by him. I am grateful for my healing of my lungs, to be able to breath is such a blessing, when previously you couldn’t.

And I know my back is not far away, sometimes you have to break for him to be able to work. Dad I know this, I am sorry for everything, please heal me, heal me of everything, wipe me clean. For I am made whole again by you, I am healed and restored as it says in your word. Let me be an example of what can be done, when you believe and father I am one, who believes every word you say to me.

Be amazed for the manifestation is not far from me, I feel it and I am excited. I know my dad hears every word I utter, he knows my heart and he knows I trust him completely.

So move forward and be as a small child, trust him and listen. He loves everyone of us, don’t ever doubt that sometimes we have to get out of our own way, for him to move in…


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