I want everyone to experience the love I have for my father….

I really do want that, for people to experience the love of the father.

Some would think, what are you on about woman. But really this love feels like bursting out of me.

I have so much love in my heart and yes as I do for my siblings, I just need to be very careful. Power has been abused around me for many, many years and I need to tread carefully.

Sometimes its up to my father to change the hearts of others, I cannot and will not rehash what I have been through. I know what has happened to me, I don’t have to convince anyone else. It is not up for discussion because the past is just that, P A S T.

So move forward and build that bridge as the saying goes, we grow up eventually. Stop dwelling, stop trying to justify yourself, just move forward, its the key to everything.

When you cant go back, move forward and let things fall into place. You can only deal with today, today and when tomorrow comes then deal with that.

But love, covers all. Its the key to everything, love even your enemy enough and repent of not only your sin but those of your forefathers. Its time to take the shackles of the past off and move on.


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