Curiosity got the better of me…

I have a sister I have not seen since I was 18yrs old. Today I thought why not Google her, see what happens. Started with her kids and went from there.

Found a picture of her getting her hair cut for charity, OMG. Time really goes when you least expect it too.

Last time I was talking to her about a family thing to warn her son. I have a nephew and two nieces through her. When I was 18, she told me that the kids were not to know who I was.

I remember my baby niece was asleep in the bouncer and when she opened her eyes, one was brown the other blue.

Its sad that things have gone the way they have, I would rather step back and let them be. But I do wonder if she is curious about me. Trust me when I say, let sleeping dogs lie, family issues need the Lords attention. Some are just too big, to do by yourself.

I do pray she has had a good life, she seems happy, I was shocked because she is the only one with our mums nose.


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