What a week….

On Monday I went to pick up friends from the airport, its fantastic where I live. Because 20mins or less and you’re at the airport.

On the way back we were chatting and nearly made it, I was stopped at a roundabout waiting for the guy on the right and baammm. A guy ran right into me (from behind, his comment “oh I was looking to the right but didnt stop”), my instant reaction was to make sure the passengers in the back were ok, then to ask generally if everyone was ok.

The funny side of this is, first time ever for me. I was just thinking two days earlier I wonder what you do and what its like to be in an accident. Now I know, car just needs a little repair. My poor car and well looked after baby will be ok. LOL

I will be careful about my thoughts next time.

What has shocked everyone was its the first time it has happened, I only got a parking fine 3yrs ago that was a first too. No speeding fines thank you, don’t want one of those. No first required LOL. I go by the road rules, that way you can’t get into trouble.

If only others would do the same as it is with his word, thems the rules. Ask understand, entrust and all will be well with you.



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