Two pictures

A while ago I painted the one on the left, I pray before I do this and ask Jesus to guide my hand. This is our time to see what we can produce as one.

The first one I call “Hidden” why because as I grew up, the world and those around me tried to mould me and be like them. I was hidden and slowly but surely I am coming out from behind the cloud.

You can see the eyes, nose and lips, some can see an eagle.

The one with all the colour, is “Heavens kaleidoscope” again I pray. I was thinking I wanted to know what a garden in heaven was like, with angles dancing between the colours. This is what happened, some can see kangaroos, I see my initials.

Both of these hang in my home and its funny watching people they cant hold a conversation they stop and just keep looking at them.

I know why, because my dad, did them, its his work through me. You may not believe it, but I cannot deny it.

Be blessed and go look at things as if you are looking with his eyes.


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