I am debt free…

We use to always say, debt demolished.

I am here because of my dad, I survived with love, blessings and my veggie patch. Sometimes we do things we regret and this was mine, but I had to see it through and get to the end.

Sometimes when you struggle and I mean really struggle. Your blessings can really come, you get more with less than you would with plenty.

My father has shown me many things and this has been really hard, but so very worth it. Sometimes we have to be still, to wait on him to really succeed in life.

He is so very present in my life, I have been walking around like a chesher cat. Because of the miracle my dad did for me, I feel like a billionaire, trust me when I say no amount of money could give you this feeling.

Know when your blessed and really appreciate even the little things, for you are his child. Like I am his and I live for him….


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