Take no thought for tomorrow

Well, I don’t, I think of him right now, if he called me home.

When knowing what I know and he said to me, “when you knew, why did you keep sinning”.

It is the same every moment of every day, we don’t stop and see the error of our ways, we just keep going.

But for some reason, I break it down, every moment I step outside, every time I think about something or dream, it is funny in a way, the enemy tries to get me to steal when I dream and I can’t even if its to save my life.

You see, I know when I am dreaming for its like leaving your body, I do this when I talk to someone, anything throughout the day, it is like breaking down screen shots and with it, you can check yourself.

I believe not many can do this, but I see it as a gift, a gift because he has to know he can TRUST ME.

That is really key here, its like keeping your word, many many years ago, I told a young girl about presentation pillows, you know the ones you put the nice covers on, and then the sleeping ones at the back. We’ll she reminded me, then told me not to worry about it, I told her, I must honour my word to you. I went down bought two pillows and prayed over them, to get her to clean her room, which she did. I remember she was a bit shocked, but I humbled myself and said sorry and thanked her for what she said.

If you love him, then you have to make sure your words are truth, because your love will flow when you do. I feel it now, talking to you, simple things can make a huge effect, never doubt that.

When he can trust you, he will entrust you….


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