Revelations can come in the most…

I was gifted something and many times, I have seen this in my mind and never followed the lead of the father.

You see, the revelation of waiting, I have waited for others to catch up, others to not cross a man made line. Revelation of a line, that someone older, smarter or in position, I was not worthy to cross. Revelations can come in the most, intended way, by the father, to wake you up.

We’ll I was gifted the ability to see, see something done, how it was done and the result.

When I was young, being in the country I was always classed as the idiot, but that was a way of holding me back. Feeling small was there goal, but not the fathers.

The father does not want that, he knows I love him, he wants me to step, but then I got lazy. Thinking someone else will do it, I will just sit and wait. OMG, I have waited and waited, many times I see beyond the words people say and break what they are saying down, the impact of what they are saying can let out, keys or just there present arena, they are enclosed in a room and they cannot see it, but seeing it and not saying anything is really hard.

I have a brilliant mind, I always knew it, but never wanted to be, or sound big headed, because I am not. I just know when it comes to my mindset, brilliant things happen.

I always wondered how many go into business and not freak from anxiety, how do they take that leap. I was always cautious because I was trained to think, I could not do it. It was only for those worthy.

What a load of lies, I have held back, not to step on toes, not to make people feel less etc etc etc. But realising this is the enemy, trying to make me withhold the father, because he read what I can do and is trying everything to stop me.

There have been times in the past when, I have cried and cried and felt worthless, because I did not want to upset the apple cart, but sometimes you have too, to get the bad apples off the cart.

I am sitting here saddened, saddened by the sheer waste of time, its not about whether your important, or a status, or age. It is about, where he positions you, not the world as such, he knows and has a contract with you, you made a deal and for others to hold you back is not his plan, but sometimes their own.

The revelation that it is OK to say the word brilliant mind, is big for me, because I am. My mind is that of the father, as long as I know that, and have humbleness and humility, all will fall into place.

There is a saying, you cannot see the trees for the leaves, but what if you can see the forest, what if you can see the levels of colour, feel the vibration of the living tree, the bush and can feel the energy that it creates…

Trust me when I say, there is a lot going on that no one, but the father knows.


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