Its funny to me, how other nations view us

I was thinking about this and I have my normal questioning to the Lord.

I see cars and many aren’t even owned by the drivers, they are leased or paying off loans.

We see many with bags of purchases but these are mainly on credit or afterpay.

We see loads of things, but what I see and look at is, are they paid for, are they satisfied with what they have. Many over time struggle to buy a home or pay rent and never really own anything, they go on holiday, when paying off what you need too, would free you up so much sooner.

I know many times nations are seeking help, but what about us, are we really that blinded that we do not see, sometimes they have more than us.

If I have a spare $50, I think I am rich, but I always work on the next bill that is always coming and once paid, I know I am debt free again, but also have nothing in reserve.

This is not something to dwell on for it does not make me sad, I will never want to keep up with the Jones’s, I will never need a Mercedes or a mansion, but I am humbled and thankful for what I do have.

The father….


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