When you really get it…

Recently I heard a speech about righteousness, but sometimes people go on there own SELF righteousness and that is wrong.

Many times I have felt him arise in me, I have felt him speak through my mouth and then after, did a double take, thinking wow that was powerful and what do I need to hear from that.

I know people see me, but if they could I would love them to see him, in me.

Many do not like Donald, but its not about his past, it is not if he is doing God’s work, but what if God is using him to be the man for this job.

Many just hear one sentence and then get all upset, but break it down. What is the father really doing here, he is taking someone, who does not care what others think, and he is speaking. Yes he may get ahead of himself, but maybe he doesn’t, you got to really listen, to really get it.


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