Stand up for the father in you

I won’t name names, but recently a person I know was conflicted, because someone of the world, tried to get them to do something that was a lie.

And when it comes down to it, you gotta stand before him, you cannot excuse your behaviour, but as always I think, what if I had to be judged NOW.

And you cannot try and bend the will of the world, all you can do is be YOUR example.

If you love the father, then doing the right thing will become second or first nature.

You cannot grey the area to suit yourself, you cannot justify it, you have to do what is right and good. Even if it hurts someone else, but if your judged, let it be for his right within you.

I am glad the person, stood up and was counted for what they did, for the father will bless them. This is an example to help others, and when something like this comes at me.

I say, I just can’t, with everything in me it is impossible and when your in that place, you know how important your relationship with him is, more than life itself.

I will not except this when I have to shop, or work or any appointment, I must do the right by him who lives in me, and give him all the rights I can, to arise and shine and show the world, how it is done.


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