Let it be…

I have had a few weeks that lead up too a really big burst of anger.

Now, I have not been angry for over 20 yrs, but I was rope-able.

It took me time and letting go, finally realising, some had to do with mediation I was given. Some I have causes great anxiety and the need to fix things, my body has weird reactions to say the least.

But finally realising, yesterday I saw the person I had blogged about, dressed immaculately and all I thought was, how sad, sad that it takes them to dress a certain way, to feel important, then not only did I feel sad but also pity.

And, then I realised, I was in a better place than I could ever wish for them to be.

So, I feel to let it be, I have been clearing things out, but I really need to move things into overdrive. And I believe doing so, will also lighten my spirit.

So, if I have learned anything, let him be in you and all will fall away, like confetti forgotten on the ground.


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