His mark on me…

When I first came to him, many years ago in that paddock, I asked him to leave his mark on me.

I had one mole, but told him I wanted, Jesus-God and the Holy Spirit, finding those three in a triangle on my leg was a beautiful gift from him to me.

Last night the reminder came, I have been feeling so tired and lethargic, which is no excuse to not use the time to pray, but I did.

I have been ticking myself off, being in lock down for sooooo long, I have felt isolated in many ways. Yesterday I had to shop and I panicked seeing so many people, which was about ten, but I freaked internally and kept thinking just tunnel vision all will be ok.

Anyway, thinking of that mark, seeing one fade made me sad and I feel like crying, but its all my fault. I need to be energised somehow, someway….

Help me father…


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