Seeing things differently

I was reading the bible and it said, about the seven churches in Asia. Which is interesting, because their are those out there that know the truth.

Now, I see the news, how countries are being over taken by intensive minded individuals and its really nuts, seeing them try and rule over so many, by lies and intimidation. Killing people and threatening them, because they think differently, its not wrong, if we were all the same, nothing would be different, how dull would that be, robots are mechanical, humans are not.

You see I go back to a show I watched, it was a cooking show and this woman who was from Russia, commented that they won the war, what war? and why do you think that? Because you were lied too, brain washed and then you go off and the world looks at you, knowing the truth (and then questions your leader), then the world tries to free the people’s minds, but they fight you instead.

It is the same when it comes to the father, the bible has been around so long, when you read it and understand it’s meaning. You understand that it is speaking to you now, it is very valid when you take it in.

But, it warns, do not worship idols, now today some have idols to do with worship, some to do with money, and some do it for power.

We are all little fish, in a very big pond, his word speaks loudly to me. Sometimes, it frightens me, because I know he does not joke around.

He, has selected those few, who are willing to hear, not only with their ears, but spirit, soul and heart.

For years the world has been warning about global warming, waste and pollution and nobody is listening. We must be conscious, listen and make changes, now. This idea of eating, eating, eating and wanting more, I watched a show Abalone wars and some buyer, Asian man, asking them to get more, more, more, work harder (so wrong). There is only so much, and you cannot take too much, the ocean needs it’s own amount, to survive and to also restock, this coral bleaching is showing we have stuffed up the balance, big fish feed on the little and the little feed on coral and the living organisms they require.

This idea, that enough, is never enough, is lost on so many. I just grow enough for me and a little to share, because I hate waste. I have flowers, mainly to feed the bees, without bees, we perish. Those little insects have a purpose, we take and eliminate a species and throw the whole system of how nature works off kilter, and then scream for help and wonder why (totally nuts to me).

Two days ago, I made up a spaghetti bolognese, but half was veggies, why? because it adds to the dish, therefore no added veg on the side required, but also, limit meat usage. I watched an American cooking show, sometimes I am horrified by the amount of meat, salt and portions OMG.

We hit the 80’s and did everything in excess, but forgot to turn back the clock. And, not get caught in the cycle, I am a person who takes notice and can see evidence where others don’t. This is a great gift and I hope others start, start to really view things, not what they are trying to force them to accept.

I stand by my father, all the way… start looking through his glasses, maybe its time we all did.


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