Birth Certificates

I found my copy the other day, what became real was the post I did recently.

The one about two families, mine shows I have two siblings. And then I thought about what the father had shown me, the same thing.

If you take emotion out of it, facts are the evidence seen and mine is on my birth certificate.

It is funny I thought my sister was 6 years older than me, but it says, she is 8 years older. I have not seen her since I was 19 years old, we all have some sort of damage, via the atmosphere we grew up in and I understand that.

But, unless you recognise it and deal with it, it moves on and in many it still is active in their lives.

I am so grateful to my real father, Jesus, for giving me this gift of release.

Looking up my ancestors has been enlightening to say the least, I went back and back and found a man married a woman named Jane who was from India, but what I want to know is the story surrounding these people.

And what I remember, my mother had Indian arms bands, these were tested and had diamonds in them, so where they Jane’s. Where they from a wealthy family, how did they get into my mothers hands, I have questions, I need answered.

Things, get interesting when you start, seeing through different eyes…


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