Fight the good fight

I remember having to fight, fight for my right just to be accepted, then thinking to myself, why.

Why, because if you have to fight or manipulate or cause division, you’ve got more of a problem than anyone.

I was talking to someone, how I believe the word written in the bible and because I do not shy away from this fact, I was told maybe I should see a physiologist.

Now, I understand when someone does not believe, or believes but will not admit to it and with me, that’s OK, but I am suppose to believe, that seeing physic’s etc, has more value, what the.

I said to someone who understands, if I was a Pastor, Dalai Lama or the Pope it would not even be questioned. Because I openly say, I believe and I follow the word, I find it offensive and down right racist.

So, I won’t fight, but I will let my father, fight for me. He has done it before and he will do it again, and I know it, because evidence has been shown time and time again, it says he is a jealous God, jealous of those who are his.

So, I fight the good fight of faith instead, it’s the right fight, not the wrong one.


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