How do you perceive a blessing…

A blessing to me can be simple, or really big.

A blessing is something you asked for, received knowing its just for you.

A blessing is not good luck, its provision for his chosen people.

A blessing is him showing me, when I refused to be used and stood my ground, it was a start to the road I am on.

A blessing is knowing that from the start of my life, there was a plan. Yes you can think your in control or fulfilling your life’s plan, but really, I just know that when I hold a bible in court, I understand the power of it.

A blessing is feeling loved, by something bigger than you and trusting in that.

A blessing is knowing, that when, or if the word runs true (only put if in, for those worldly unbelievers), Jesus returns and all fall to there knees, who is blessed then?

Blessing is finding my path, and my path is my own, you do what you need to do, but if he calls you and you choose not to answer his call, then it’s your judgement you have to face. And no one will care if you look good, skinny or wealthy, it all will not matter.

What matters is, your integrity, your empathy, your honesty, your faith and your truth. I pray for the hidden things of darkness to be revealed and anyone trying to stop the will of the father, to be judged, today.


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