Change, will take place

Before Covid hit the world, I had the urge to paint again, and this was the result. I call it Change is coming.

Its nothing special to anyone, but me, because it shows how he was trying to inform me, of what was coming.

You see the sky, mixing with colour as a storm rolls in, the waves crashing and causing mist to fly.

Its amazing to me how the things I paint, or draw are him, telling me something, that I am yet to understand.

I never want to say its all me, because it is not, I pray before I lift a brush and ask for his guidance.

So, see if he is trying to inform you in some way… if you listen, I am sure you will find it in the most unexpected places.

How he makes things simple

Last night when I went to bed, I was shown this.

Someone I know, thinks they have a right to rule and rein, over the other family members, because they are the eldest living. INCORRECT finding.

Getting back to last night, my mum was young and naive, as we all were once. She grew up not feeling wanted, ran away and landed at her beloved Grandma’s home.

So, she met a man, who told her all she wanted to hear, they went through a ceremony, but legally, not married, (he was already married, I see the enemy here) so I put the blame on this man, who my mother said, found out over a period of time, he had mental issues and could never settle in one place (runs in the family to certain degrees).

She ended up with two children from that coupling, the eldest was loved by many and was killed, the second child is still living (we were brought up as siblings, but the second, would always introduce me as a half sister & had the rights to run my life) they are another story.

But I was shown last night, my mother married my father (for the purpose of this, I will call him that, not a nice man and truthfully, I only have one true father, Jesus) but they then had 3 children, I am the last one.

Now, I know this may seem rough to type up to you, who will read this, but the first two would be considered a horrible name, because they were out of an unmarried coupling (these days there is no stigma attached to this).

But getting back to it, I was shown two separate families, The head of mine living is my sister who is 8 years older, my fathers first born, and not number 2.

So with that, I felt some sort of release, a freedom if you will, but really no other sibling has a right to try and control you. This is definitely more about them, than you and where did this idea come from anyway.

It like putting yourself as the matriarch, what on earth are people thinking, no body has that authority only Jesus.

I love his directness

Sometimes, I think back to when I first knew his voice and how powerful, loving and strong it was.

I knew at the time it was him, because it was undeniable. Those who have heard him, know this to be true.

My last post was also added to my facebook page, because people are getting so much wrong information and I know when he speaks, all other words fade into the background.

So, sometimes he is direct or blunt, but I love him for it. I love him, because he is fathering ME, he is sharing his guidance and for that, I am eternally grateful.

You either have to suck it up and take it, or cry and stay the baby you want to be.

Me, I need to hear everything he shares, because he has a plan, and I must fulfil it, one way or another.


I was out picking baby spinach and talking with the father, as I often do, no I am not mad to those who are yet to believe.

And I heard these words, to ask yourself, WHO’S YOUR DADDY?

Now I accept him as my father, because I have also heard the enemy and he wants to kill, steal and destroy YOUR life.

So, I have said before, “Lord I trust you with my life” and he has saved me countless times, because I know if I was an unbeliever I would have died years ago.

I am a person that once something is locked in to my data base, its in & there is no compromise, so get out of my way.

Two weeks prior to all my ducks lining up, I kept hearing him say, “You say you trust me, but do you BELIEVE ME?”

Now lets us get back to the idea that the enemy can sit in church and hear the sermon, because he wants to STOP YOU, & halt YOUR life. So I ask you, IS YOUR LIFE WORTH IT?

We have learned the devil was head angel of music, then he got thrown out, thinking too big and falling off the perch. But think of this, if he affects electronics, then wouldn’t he have a field day with social media.

Anyone who knows me, knows if there is a allergic reaction, I will have it, even if no one has had one before.

Getting back to the DUCKS, 1. I heard “you get the flu vac every year and that doesn’t worry you, so why this one”. 2. I asked which one, which does he see fit for me to have. Plain and simple “Pfizer”3. Someone had to have a turn around, this happened. All the ducks lined up, so I made my first appointment and got the vaccine, NO ENEMY WILL STOP ME.

I went into the room and was asked was I ready, I lifted my finger and said, “hang on” I turned to the bed as I felt too. I said out loud and with conviction, “Father I am a Christian and I am going to stand on your word, you say in Mark 16 v18, no poisonous thing will harm me, I am going to make a stand and I BELIEVE, your word alone and I will not have an allergic reaction” I turned to the doctor and he smiled and nodded.

I told him, “right go”. I had a sore arm, I slept for about 3 hrs, then a little insomnia and that was it.

So again, are you a seat warmer, or are you ALL IN. Have you really surrendered all, or just enough to comfort you

If he is asking you, the question, what is holding you back. Is it, the enemy filling you full of fear and anxiety, don’t let him strum your strings, severe them. Who has more power, he that lives within ME, or the one trying to take us out.

All I have to do is, hear from my father and trust me when I say, the enemy tried to make me doubt which one and should I really have it.

Well I told him with a shout as to where to go… don’t make room in your motel for him to enter, stick up the no vacancy sign and step forward, believing the fathers word…

Because he is my daddy, full stop

The show Contact, hmmm

Lets think outside the box, I was watching this show about Alien space craft and how the government is trying to hide it from everyone.

I keep thinking, Nostradamus prophesied the next war would come from China, it would be swift etc.

But, what if, when you read the word alien in the bible, hmmm if so many believe his words are lies, then how is this word in there from so many years ago.

What if, we are not the only ones, what if, there is another world far more advanced than us, visiting and do not care if your the head of any country. But are compiling data, for such a time to come.

Now, I am grasping at strings here, but really, when someone thinks they are the answer to everything, only time tells and hits them off there perch.

And, when its time to live on this earth, for a thousand years with Jesus, they will all be forgotten. No one has the right to rule over anyone using bullying, threatening behaviour, all the world sees to those who are looking is really how small and scared they really are.

I learned long ago, bullies are cowards, when it comes to the crunch.

Do you see the word..

I was thinking about the last days, how seven years we would have plagues, earthquakes etc etc.

Then we would have something where people will drop like flies and just die in front of us.

And, when the sun is blocked out and there is a mass extinction.

Do you see the word being played out now, have you see glimpses of his warning, to get your life in order.

To pray, to spend time, to make time for him.

I am guilty of not putting in the effort, because I got sad, but I need to fire up again and get back to me and him alone.

Then, things will change.

Again, I feel blessed

My darling car, had a little exhaust problem and ended up sounding like a dodge truck on a farm.

Yes, instead of purring like a cat, she growled, I thought it was funny.

You just gotta find the joy in the little things.

I went to one place, they looked at me and thought, oh here comes an easy one.

Big mistake, I rang another place, my pastor has knowledge of cars and suggested another one, I rang and was brutally honest. Once he looked at it, and quoted $90 less than the other one, she got fixed today.

My car is a blessing from the Lord, its another story, but so beautiful. I left the place and told them, bless your cotton socks.

Its funny when I was there to see what he could do, he said to start him up, I soon corrected him, its a girl. I know it sounds bizarre, but my car is definitely female, I get in her and it feels like I am accepted in a way or she knows me.

I know what I just typed up sounds nuts, but I get into my friends car, and every time I feel her agitation or anxiety to the point, when I get out, I am worn out. Its like a waves or the earth, I feel it, like knowing the words in a book, yet to be written.

Do you stand, do you believe, we’ll do you

When Covid started, the so called experts were telling us, so many versions. But knowing they were scrambling and they did not know, what or how, I waited.

I listen to some news, but not all…

Why, because lies try and make us all jump in line, but what about using your brain and relationship with the father.

I have allergies, as I have spoken about before, the thought of an injection that they had not approved, being used and causing harm, was enough of a road block.

But, what did I do, I kept saying, “Lord I trust you” I was asking and waiting, he knew I needed all the ducks to line up.

So what happened, I heard the words, “you have a flu injection every year and don’t think anything of it”, one duck, secondly I needed to know which one to have, I heard the name, then another was someone close to me, agreeing that it was OK.

All the ducks lined up, and I have had one injection, you see in the word it asks, do you trust in him, do you stand on his word, do you listen to his voice alone.

The day of the injection, the enemy tried to put fear into me, and I knew the lies were just that. When I sat in the doctors office, he asked if I was ready, I told him to wait, then I spoke these words, “Lord you say in Psalm 91 that no plague will come near my dwelling, (which is me and my home), in Mark 16 v18 you say no poison will harm me, well father, no needle will cause any allergic reaction in your name, for I believe your word”, I turned to the doctor who looked at me, smiled then nodded, OK ready.

All I had was a sore arm, and I rested by sleeping for a few hours in the afternoon.

When a word sinks into me, it is like a shield a barrier against and arrows, flung at me by the enemy.

For if you stand and believe, what can come against you and fear put around by social media, who is really behind that….

Think about it

Hidden talents or something more

I was just watching the movie Hidden Figures and the Lord reminded me of what, I can accomplish.

You see, the world see’s what I look like, but the Lord showed me when I was in Year 9 or 10. We were given a maths test and I went through it figured out what I knew and left a few, not understanding the question.

I remember my teacher telling me to get on with it, but I had finished and sat quietly and did not know what was his problem. Speaking up, I told him I was done (the smartest in class were still going through it), I went through it again just encase, but again sat quietly. He, looked at my work and said where is your working out.

My mother taught me the fast version, because my brain only needed one or two numbers, the answer would pop into my head. Trying to explain this landed on deaf ears, you see they could not grasp what I did or how, I did it, because it was something they could not understand.

I remember him putting a sum on the board that was so long, I firstly panicked, then numbers started to fall out of my mouth. My mother was contacted and was told if I applied myself, I could be ducks of the school, but I just wanted to just get through with life (things were happening to me that almost caused me to stop living), and you see being best, or given an award for something, does not drive me.

He drives me…

Then, when the business I worked for gave me a course to complete in Cert 4 Business Administration and Cert 4 Frontline Management. What shocked those in the know was, that I figured out the computer system had a fault and I found it, (this was part of the course to do a paper on something and how to fix it) and as far as I know I did not complete Year 10, because of outside circumstances. Being a single mum, being a woman who believes, or just because of what I look like, I have always been overlooked.

Watching the movie, I kept thinking why am I sitting here, maybe he is trying to tell me something. Maybe I need to stop listening to those with a loud voice and show them instead.

Maybe, I have to let this cook and wait to find the answer.