The show Contact, hmmm

Lets think outside the box, I was watching this show about Alien space craft and how the government is trying to hide it from everyone.

I keep thinking, Nostradamus prophesied the next war would come from China, it would be swift etc.

But, what if, when you read the word alien in the bible, hmmm if so many believe his words are lies, then how is this word in there from so many years ago.

What if, we are not the only ones, what if, there is another world far more advanced than us, visiting and do not care if your the head of any country. But are compiling data, for such a time to come.

Now, I am grasping at strings here, but really, when someone thinks they are the answer to everything, only time tells and hits them off there perch.

And, when its time to live on this earth, for a thousand years with Jesus, they will all be forgotten. No one has the right to rule over anyone using bullying, threatening behaviour, all the world sees to those who are looking is really how small and scared they really are.

I learned long ago, bullies are cowards, when it comes to the crunch.


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