I was out picking baby spinach and talking with the father, as I often do, no I am not mad to those who are yet to believe.

And I heard these words, to ask yourself, WHO’S YOUR DADDY?

Now I accept him as my father, because I have also heard the enemy and he wants to kill, steal and destroy YOUR life.

So, I have said before, “Lord I trust you with my life” and he has saved me countless times, because I know if I was an unbeliever I would have died years ago.

I am a person that once something is locked in to my data base, its in & there is no compromise, so get out of my way.

Two weeks prior to all my ducks lining up, I kept hearing him say, “You say you trust me, but do you BELIEVE ME?”

Now lets us get back to the idea that the enemy can sit in church and hear the sermon, because he wants to STOP YOU, & halt YOUR life. So I ask you, IS YOUR LIFE WORTH IT?

We have learned the devil was head angel of music, then he got thrown out, thinking too big and falling off the perch. But think of this, if he affects electronics, then wouldn’t he have a field day with social media.

Anyone who knows me, knows if there is a allergic reaction, I will have it, even if no one has had one before.

Getting back to the DUCKS, 1. I heard “you get the flu vac every year and that doesn’t worry you, so why this one”. 2. I asked which one, which does he see fit for me to have. Plain and simple “Pfizer”3. Someone had to have a turn around, this happened. All the ducks lined up, so I made my first appointment and got the vaccine, NO ENEMY WILL STOP ME.

I went into the room and was asked was I ready, I lifted my finger and said, “hang on” I turned to the bed as I felt too. I said out loud and with conviction, “Father I am a Christian and I am going to stand on your word, you say in Mark 16 v18, no poisonous thing will harm me, I am going to make a stand and I BELIEVE, your word alone and I will not have an allergic reaction” I turned to the doctor and he smiled and nodded.

I told him, “right go”. I had a sore arm, I slept for about 3 hrs, then a little insomnia and that was it.

So again, are you a seat warmer, or are you ALL IN. Have you really surrendered all, or just enough to comfort you

If he is asking you, the question, what is holding you back. Is it, the enemy filling you full of fear and anxiety, don’t let him strum your strings, severe them. Who has more power, he that lives within ME, or the one trying to take us out.

All I have to do is, hear from my father and trust me when I say, the enemy tried to make me doubt which one and should I really have it.

Well I told him with a shout as to where to go… don’t make room in your motel for him to enter, stick up the no vacancy sign and step forward, believing the fathers word…

Because he is my daddy, full stop


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