Do you stand, do you believe, we’ll do you

When Covid started, the so called experts were telling us, so many versions. But knowing they were scrambling and they did not know, what or how, I waited.

I listen to some news, but not all…

Why, because lies try and make us all jump in line, but what about using your brain and relationship with the father.

I have allergies, as I have spoken about before, the thought of an injection that they had not approved, being used and causing harm, was enough of a road block.

But, what did I do, I kept saying, “Lord I trust you” I was asking and waiting, he knew I needed all the ducks to line up.

So what happened, I heard the words, “you have a flu injection every year and don’t think anything of it”, one duck, secondly I needed to know which one to have, I heard the name, then another was someone close to me, agreeing that it was OK.

All the ducks lined up, and I have had one injection, you see in the word it asks, do you trust in him, do you stand on his word, do you listen to his voice alone.

The day of the injection, the enemy tried to put fear into me, and I knew the lies were just that. When I sat in the doctors office, he asked if I was ready, I told him to wait, then I spoke these words, “Lord you say in Psalm 91 that no plague will come near my dwelling, (which is me and my home), in Mark 16 v18 you say no poison will harm me, well father, no needle will cause any allergic reaction in your name, for I believe your word”, I turned to the doctor who looked at me, smiled then nodded, OK ready.

All I had was a sore arm, and I rested by sleeping for a few hours in the afternoon.

When a word sinks into me, it is like a shield a barrier against and arrows, flung at me by the enemy.

For if you stand and believe, what can come against you and fear put around by social media, who is really behind that….

Think about it


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