Hidden talents or something more

I was just watching the movie Hidden Figures and the Lord reminded me of what, I can accomplish.

You see, the world see’s what I look like, but the Lord showed me when I was in Year 9 or 10. We were given a maths test and I went through it figured out what I knew and left a few, not understanding the question.

I remember my teacher telling me to get on with it, but I had finished and sat quietly and did not know what was his problem. Speaking up, I told him I was done (the smartest in class were still going through it), I went through it again just encase, but again sat quietly. He, looked at my work and said where is your working out.

My mother taught me the fast version, because my brain only needed one or two numbers, the answer would pop into my head. Trying to explain this landed on deaf ears, you see they could not grasp what I did or how, I did it, because it was something they could not understand.

I remember him putting a sum on the board that was so long, I firstly panicked, then numbers started to fall out of my mouth. My mother was contacted and was told if I applied myself, I could be ducks of the school, but I just wanted to just get through with life (things were happening to me that almost caused me to stop living), and you see being best, or given an award for something, does not drive me.

He drives me…

Then, when the business I worked for gave me a course to complete in Cert 4 Business Administration and Cert 4 Frontline Management. What shocked those in the know was, that I figured out the computer system had a fault and I found it, (this was part of the course to do a paper on something and how to fix it) and as far as I know I did not complete Year 10, because of outside circumstances. Being a single mum, being a woman who believes, or just because of what I look like, I have always been overlooked.

Watching the movie, I kept thinking why am I sitting here, maybe he is trying to tell me something. Maybe I need to stop listening to those with a loud voice and show them instead.

Maybe, I have to let this cook and wait to find the answer.


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