Again, I feel blessed

My darling car, had a little exhaust problem and ended up sounding like a dodge truck on a farm.

Yes, instead of purring like a cat, she growled, I thought it was funny.

You just gotta find the joy in the little things.

I went to one place, they looked at me and thought, oh here comes an easy one.

Big mistake, I rang another place, my pastor has knowledge of cars and suggested another one, I rang and was brutally honest. Once he looked at it, and quoted $90 less than the other one, she got fixed today.

My car is a blessing from the Lord, its another story, but so beautiful. I left the place and told them, bless your cotton socks.

Its funny when I was there to see what he could do, he said to start him up, I soon corrected him, its a girl. I know it sounds bizarre, but my car is definitely female, I get in her and it feels like I am accepted in a way or she knows me.

I know what I just typed up sounds nuts, but I get into my friends car, and every time I feel her agitation or anxiety to the point, when I get out, I am worn out. Its like a waves or the earth, I feel it, like knowing the words in a book, yet to be written.


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